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 The Duratemp siding we use on our painted sheds is a genuine plywood siding with a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check — even with rough treatment. This siding is tough enough to resist dents and not to mention damage by bicycles, basketballs and lawnmowers. Duratemp siding is covered with a 50 year limited warranty and is not to be confused with engineered wood sidings out there which look similar from the outside, but do not have the structural integrity of real plywood.
 Duratemp siding is easily repainted with any quality exterior paint. With a slightly lower cost up front, Duratemp is the next best thing to vinyl siding.

Standard Features:

  • Painted 1/2"  Duratemp  plywood siding
  • Wood trim on corners
  • 1 set of 5' double doors
  • 2 windows with screens
  • Wooden slat shutters
  • 16” on center 2”x4”  roof wall, and floor joist
  • 5/8” exterior grade plywood flooring
  • Pressure treated 4”x4” foundation beams

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Shed Catalog

Catalog (pdf)

View the full pdf catalog of options and styles.